Independence Support Service

Our Independence Support Service helps people who have lost confidence to regain their independence and get out and about again.

Cotswold Friends volunteers support people to do their own shopping and pick up prescriptions, attend medical appointments, go for walks, join local groups and learn useful new IT skills.

We can also put you in touch with providers of other local services that may help you.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this support service, please get in touch.

We will arrange an initial meeting where you can discuss and agree the goals that you would like to achieve - such as doing your own essential shopping, visiting a social club or using IT to book appointments.

We will match you with a volunteer to support you as you begin to get out and about.

Jess, our Independence Support Manager says: “We can enable people to live a more independent life from the safety of their own home, improving quality of life and general wellbeing. Please get in touch for some extra support.”

Helping people regain their independence

Independence Support

“I first contacted Cotswold Friends as I required transport to be taken to Brockworth for the Covid test. After that, I thought I should be wanting further help and I contacted the Friends once more.

“Jessica came to my rescue and made contact to fix me up with a Careline (pendant alarm) very quickly indeed. She also dealt with the Blue Badge for me - completed the form and took the photo. She has lately contacted the OT team ask them to get in touch.

“I have to say that as I am very deaf I was very relieved that I could get help from Cotswold Friends and I have no hesitation to recommend them as they are so willing to help. I shall continue to ask them for help in other matters.” - Derek, Independence Support Service client

Getting involved with our Community Activities

Getting involved with local clubs and activities is also a great way to re-connect with your community and meet people.

We can support you to find an activity to enjoy and our transport service can help you get there if needed.

Cotswold Friends offers popular Lunch Clubs, Singing and Knit and Natter Groups, Walking Sports, Men in Sheds, and so much more, so please get in touch.