Tour de Friends Ride 12 – Tales of the Andoversford Loop

by Joanna Hammond

Tour de Friends Ride 12 – Tales of the Andoversford Loop

I am with my support team of Alison again today – we are definitely getting better at going up the hills but I still much prefer going back down them! Started in Andoversford today and headed to Sevenhampton, then Brockhampton, Hawling, Salperton, Hazleton and finally Shipton Oliffe. Would love to know the meaning behind the name Shipton Oliffe – I must look it up! Weather was kind to us again which was very lucky considering the rain the day before.

Called in to see Valerie, who is involved with Cotswold Friends in a number of ways. Valerie lives on her own and uses our Telephone Befriending service for a friendly chat to our lovely volunteer Terri each week. She also goes to the monthly Lunch Club at The Royal Oak in Andoversford, where a friend of hers is a volunteer. You will see from the pictures that Valerie is an incredible knitter and often knits items to raise money for Cotswold Friends – thank you! Finally, Valerie told me she comes across to our new Pop-Up Shop on a regular basis to browse the items for sale and have a cuppa and a piece of homemade cake – very hard to resist! Thanks to Valerie for the very welcome rest, for the tea break and for the biscuits!

Jo   The Royal Oak Lunch Club pub in Andoversford

Finally, popped into The Royal Oak to say a thank you to Sheila and the team there for all they do to support us and the local community, with their very popular monthly lunch club. See our website for details if you might like to go along.

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