Tour de Friends Ride 11 – Tales of the Moreton North Loop

by Joanna Hammond

Tour de Friends Ride 11 – Tales of the Moreton North Loop

Quite a long ride out of Moreton today, heading in a different direction to Aston Magna, Great Wolford and Little Wolford, Lower Lemington, Paxford and Todenham. Seemed like a long way today! Only 3 rides left after this one!

On returning to Moreton I called in at the Friendship Café, now running every Wednesday from 10am til 2.30pm at Jameson Court – open to all, so please do come along if you’d like a bit of company. Wooden decorations made by our Men in Sheds were being painted up ready for our Christmas events and I got involved in a seriously competitive game of snap! We have a minibus which can pick people up to help them get to and from the café now which is great news. Had a lovely time chatting with everyone. We also have seated exercise at the start of the session every other week which is proving really popular.

Friendship Cafe snap 3

Called in to Kinghams Auctioneers who are so supportive of Cotswold Friends, collecting donations for us at their free Tuesday valuation days and with a donation tin next to the coffee machine! Kinghams have very kindly offered to sell any items we might be donated commission free to raise funds for Cotswold Friends. On average it costs us around £200 per person to provide support in one form or another for a whole year. If you might have an item you no longer need or want in your house such as a watch, piece of jewellery, furniture item or collectable, might you consider donating it for sale at auction? Every penny would goes towards helping older and vulnerable people across the Cotswolds. Thank you!

Donation tin collection Kinghams 1

Finally, I called in at Cotswold Cycles who have been supporting me through the rides – first by servicing my bike and donating the service fee to the fundraiser and then by doing rapid fire emergency repairs on the morning of the Willersey loop! Cotswold Cycles have a fab meeting area called the Revolution Café, and encourage people to get together, chat and socialise as pat of their cycle rides – connecting communities like Cotswold Friends – and the cake looked amazing! Why not call in and say hi to the lovely staff team there.

Staff at Cotswold Cycles 1

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