Coronavirus Response Update from Amanda

by Joanna Hammond

Coronavirus Response Update from Amanda

During the first 12 weeks of lockdown Cotswold Friends staff received over 30,000 contacts by telephone, email and social media. Many of these contacts were asking for help.

During the same period: • Over 10,000 telephone befriending phone calls were made • Over 250 people were driven to critical medical appointments • Over 600 medications were collected from pharmacies and delivered to homes • Over 1,300 medications were collected from GP dispensaries and delivered to homes • Over 760 shopping lists were received, shopping bought and delivered to homes

Over 1,000 people were supported each week by 11 Cotswold Friends staff and 264 volunteers who came forward to support their community during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

This is a remarkable achievement from a dedicated group of people who put others first at a time when many in the community faced significant challenges and needed support.


On behalf of those you helped and on behalf of Cotswold Friends staff, we couldn’t have managed without you.

Amanda Howard CEO Cotswold Friends

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