Can you spare some time to help care for a carer?

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Can you spare some time to help care for a carer?

Volunteers are being sought by a Cotswold charity to help care for a carer.

Cotswold Friends, formerly Cotswold Volunteers North, are on the look out for 12 new volunteers to join their carer respite service and support carers in Northleach, Stow, Chipping Campden, Bourton and Moreton.

The charity estimates there are 9,000 people living in the Cotswolds who are full-time carers and many are unsupported. A lot suffer from loneliness and isolation and often their physical and mental health is affected, exhaustion, anxiety and depression are common.

The volunteers will provide carers with a regular respite break by sitting with the person who is being cared for and allow the carer to take a break. Sometimes carers just want a bit of time to walk their dog, meet friends or do their weekly food shop. Often they need to attend medical appointments.

“Often carers put their own health needs last as they don’t feel able to attend their own medical appointments,” said Kirsty Holder the Carer Respite service manager at Cotswold Friends. “Some carers use their respite time to catch up on their housework or even get some much needed sleep.”

One volunteer helper is Denise Ogden, from Bourton, who loves being able to give someone a much-needed break. “I’ve been a volunteer, providing regular breaks to a full-time carer for three years, it’s very rewarding. You can really see how valuable your time and support is and what a difference it makes to the people you are helping,” she said.

Anyone with a little free time who is willing and happy to sit with an older person and keep them company while their carer takes a much-needed break can phone 01608 652019 or email [email protected]

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